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The importance of user centred website design
by GND Creative, Website Design Agency Sydney

Based in Sydney, Australia and with over 15 years industry experience, GND Creative deliver stunning, pixel perfect, user centred website designs that ensure your online visitors fall in love with your brand of products and services.

We understand the rich, aesthetic appeal of your website can be the difference between winning or losing your next customer and that first impressions count for everything in the business world when it comes to presenting a professional perception of your business.

So how do we achieve intelligent website design?

The GND Creative Website Design Service begins with analysis of your business and your ultimate commercial objectives. We are interested in gaining a thorough insight into your core business activity and defining exactly who is your target audience with real facts and evidence to design against; we don’t just produce pretty pictures that serve no mechanical purpose in the quest to capture and convert more customers for you, we design a business case through intelligent website design techniques and a clear plan of attack.

We offer and provide strategic advice on levels deeper than just the actual design process itself - we need to know how your business survives each month, what is it that you are currently doing that is working for you and how can we produce more of the same?

Questions of this nature directly affect the Information Architecture and User Experience decisions of your website's design and ultimately dictate to us how the design should be executed and why it needs to fit your commercial needs - not your own personal subjective taste or preference of design that has no bearing on your online success.

We need to know exactly who it is we are trying to reach and appeal to and design a website that attracts and completely engages your target audience, making it enjoyable to be a transacting customer.

We believe in a simple principal
– ‘make it simple for your customers to buy from you’.

By gaining an understanding of your customers online behaviour and target audience user trends we can remove all speed humps, creating a clear passage for users to arrive to your website and follow the transaction lifecycle we have specifically designed for them which is designed to convert to a win for your business, one way or another. This can only be achieved by firstly understanding your business then designing around a clear and well planned user experience framework that supports a solid conversion strategy.

We move into the User Experience Design phase and make critical decisions on how we expect users to interact and move through your website by producing a series of wireframes for each instance, screen and function of the user journey, ensuring there are no interruptions in the critical path from entry to conversion.

Once we have completed the Wireframes for your new website and we receive your final sign-off we move into the User Interface Design phase of the Website Design process. Using the latest in industry standard software packages - Adobe Creative Cloud, we flesh out the design in a PSD (PhotoShop Document) much the same as we would design any other digital creative piece, whereby we design over the top of the approved architectural plans (Wireframes) and flesh out the skeletal view of the site in rich, pixel perfect User Interface Design that simply brings your brand to life.

Ensuring we adhere to the Wireframes and Technical Specifications of your new website, ensures all of our commercial design decisions made during the User Experience analysis are retained and brought to life with pixel perfect website design. Always maintaining the principals of User Centred Website Design, allows us to integrate an online conversion strategy into the very DNA of the website design and leverage us for online success when optimising your webite for the major Search Engines using onsite and offsite SEO techniques that require a clear conversion path.

Once all screens have been designed to pixel perfection and are client approved we move the project to the Development Stage where our skilled programmers breathe life into each and every page of your new website taking it from static page designs to a functional and interactive website!

The overall importance of Intuitive, User Centred, Pixel Perfect Website Design immediately affects your return on investment and takes you from having just a pretty website to having a successful online presence that is either income generating and/or results in income being generated from either product sales or qualified inbound sales leads.

Listening to your digital consultant is the key to success when designing a new website - alot of business owners like to dictate what they want and don’t want with their new website design, without having a deep and thorough understanding of how the world wide web actually works for businesses and users alike, creating an end website that may look great to them but has no performance strategy behind it give the client ultimately has the last say. Although we understand you, the client must love your new website, it should be for the right reasons - not just because you like the look of it, but because you believe in the intellgence behind every design decision made, which will ultimately bring you more business.

Approaching the Website Design stage of your website project with care and understanding of web traffic, user demographics, meta data, seo, web enabled devices, online competitors and beyond will ensure your website design is more than just a pretty digital marketing piece - it needs to be treated as another physical store, shopfront or office where accessibility to your intended target is key and a clear path of information is provided with an end commercial goal in place.

By understanding exactly who your customer is you can assist the website design process dramatically and ensure your new website is a strategically planned sales machine, allowing you to reap the rewards of a successful online presence with a healthy return on investment.

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