Web Development

The GND Creative Web Development Methodology

We have been developing websites since the early arrival of the internet in Australia way back in 1997 and went live with our very first website in 1998. Over the years we have witnessed revolutionary change in the way the world wide web serves web pages and there seems to be an unlimited scope of capabilities for your website in the present day.

With responsive website design becoming almost standard and the advent of web enabled devices demanding a device/platform optimised user experience the digital space is a rapidly changing and agressively innovative realm.

We have developed the following methodology for digital asset production, including websites, applications and mobile sites and have found this is the most efficient way to ensure a smooth and succesful web development project from idea to live site...

We call this the 4D Principal.

DOCUMENT: We gather as much information from you as possible and form a business case to clearly identify and justify the proposed functional requirements, technical specifications and agreed information architecture for your new website.

DESIGN: Referring religiously to the approved project 'Documentation' we then weave our creative magic and design with pixel perfection, the user interface (or GUI) which will elegantly add flesh to the wireframe skeleton and form the basis of your new website.

DEVELOP: Once we have designed all pages of the new website and you have approved of them, we proceed to web development. Cutting the page code, front-end scripts, and back-end logic we transform the approved static designs to a living and breathing website.

DEPLOY: Once all design and development expectations are in place and coded to a fully working prototype it's now time to debug and prepare the site for go-live. This process includes live content handling, testing, server preparation and domain name management.