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The Importance of Good Digital Content

What good is a beautiful house without any furniture in it?… pretty useless right? …and the same principal applies to websites. The most beautifully designed websites in the world are worthless unless there is rich and clear content to engage the user and create loyalty between them and your message. Rich, fresh and clear content not only boosts your page authority in the major search engines due to relevance but it also positions your online presence to increase its social media reach through content sharing of what users feel is basically ‘share-worthy’.

Focussing on ‘share-worthy’ content ensures the world wide web of social media users behave in your favour and advocate your brand of product or service by sharing your content with their respective social networks which ultimately has an underlying commercial gain pinned to it in the name of business development or simply put - more customers.

Unless your content is current, engaging and concise, it doesn't matter how beautiful your website appears, it simply will not perform well in any organic search results or conversions from even the largest flow of web traffic; the same applies to your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. If your content is outdated, irrelevant, off topic and vague or very general you can be sure your Search Engine ranking will take a hit simply due to your online presence not communicating relevance thus hindering your connection to web users or businesses seeking to enquire about your product or service.

Digital Content Creation is a critical and fundamental component of business marketing in the digital age where we are all connected one way or another via web enabled devices. Social media is the revolution that Television was in yesteryear and without engaging, quality digital content your competition will surely claim majority marketshare in the search engines, whether you are involved in either local or international business or both - you will always be second place to a competitor that has taken a conscious and measured approach to their digital content creation strategy.

Digital Content Creation is about ensuring your audience are completely engaged with your digital assets (whether it be your corporate website or your social media channels) and are attracted to your content and general message, feeling compelled to consume more of your digital content and share it with their own social network. This makes for an army of virtual publicists expanding your reach via their own personal networks, eventually planting your brand in the hands of consumers who once had never heard of you.

In some carefully well-planned cases, Viral Digital Content Strategies that have been successful result in huge waves of free web traffic to the website and social media channels and provides literally a flood gate of opportunity to that business whereby numbers start to account for sales conversions that would normally not occur with traditional and stagnant marketing messages and would be very expensive to gain such high volumes of traffic through traditional marketing means or expensive paid advertising placement.


As a business owner, when setting your annual digital marketing budget, we recommend you divide the funds across the following critical areas:

Website Design Refresh and Development Upgrades (35%) Digital Content Creation for use across your website, email marketing, social media channels and all digital assets (35%) and the remainder (30%) budget should be invested in Onsite and Offsite ongoing keyword Search Engine Optimisation of your website which leverages the Content Creation Services employed with proper White Hat SEO techniques. This further pushes your online presence higher up the ladder on the major search engines, namely Google thus improving your Search Engine page ranking and resulting in more hits on your site and a greater reach to the world wide web!

To be a leader in your chosen industry, or to simply just grow comfortably and organically year after year, one of the major ingredients for online success is powerful, engaging, succinct and rich content which is constantly changing and evolving. This content can be made up of original imagery, photo galleries, quotes, tweets, news, faqs, blog posts, forum discussions, video posts and comments, digital downloads, eBooks, email marketing campaigns, pod casts, banners and general news and competitions all which need regular upkeep and must form part of your monthly Digital Content Creation commitments.

Speak to GND Creative, Sydney's premium Content Creation Agency to discuss a Digital Content Creation Strategy and road map that intertwines seamlessly into your overall offline and online marketing and communications strategy, ensuring stronger user engagement, increased session times and higher conversions of web enquiries and product sales, ultimately bringing you more business and growing your brand in the worlds largest business pond - The Internet.

GND Creative offer all photography and videography services including post production of original HD video, photo retouching and image manipulation, product and location photography, article writing and all aspects of Web Content Creation.

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