(SEO) Search Engine Optimisation

How do I choose the best SEO Agency in Sydney for my business needs?

GND Creative is a results driven SEO Search Engine Optimisation agency based in Sydney Australia with one goal in mind for all of our clients and their SEO campaigns - Achieve High Ranking Organic Search Engine Results that last and help our clients grow their businesses through search engine derived lead generation and online sales.

It's one thing to have a digital agency design and develop a beautiful, brand new website for you with all the bells and whistles and it is another to ensure enough traffic is directed to it - quite simply, without enough traffic, your website is merely a sports car that never gets driven.

What is SEO?
Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as it's commonly refered to, is in basic terms, the on-page and off-page optimisation of specific and chosen keywords that meet the criteria of current search engine ranking factors in order for your website to be ranked high on the search engine results.

This greatly increases the probability of your website being clicked and visited by the user entering their search query and receiving your website as the search engines highest ranked website based on over 100+ ranking factors out of potentially millions of page results.

Optimising your website both on page (making changes to the content, meta data, links, navigational structure and so on...) and off page (article writing, backlinks to authority sites, press release submissions and blogs, etc) results in winning favour from Google and the major search engines whereby they deem your website a high enough authority website on a given topic/subject/keyword/keyphrase to the point it is ranked high enough for users searching for answers to be served your website in their results.

This allows you to leverage the power of the top ranking search engine results to ultimately achieve increased business sales through broad exposure of your website to high volume traffic, derived from your website ranking high on competitive search term results, which can in many cases have you ranking number 1 out of millions of results for the same term.

High ranking keyword results for alot of Sydney based businesses can mean the difference between success and failure and is integral to their sales strategy, especially when not every business can afford a sales force.

Traditional Sales vs Online Sales
SEO is no different than how human beings interact and communicate in a traditional sales business. If you promote your business enough, spread the word of your brand of product or service, attend as many networking functions as possible and literally get the word out there through traditional networking and canvassing means, you will eventually win some leads which may (if your lead conversion strategy is sound) convert to paid business.

Networking is key in business and aligning with other credible authorities in the business community ultimately benefits you. The same applies to SEO and aligning your website with other credible and authority websites in your industry or related to it.

However, even if you are the best business networker in Sydney and have created a sizeable sales opportunity pipeline, this is still not enough to ensure you convert the leads in your pipeline to sales. There are a number of factors that create sales which ultimately is the key ingredient for business growth; we believe these ingredients are:

- Reach and Awareness of your product or service
- Prospecting, Lead Generation and Follow-up
- Presenting your business case with honesty and integrity
- Highlighting your point of difference and your value proposition
- Presenting credible and trustworthy facts to back up your sales pitch
- Converting the lead and delivering on promise to win more business!

The same can be said about SEO. If you are doing only what the competition are doing then you are only as good as them and their offering, hindering your opportunity to stand out and win the business.

If it is safe to say that being unique in business means defining your unique selling point in your chosen industry, then the same can be said about SEO and the role quality content plays in achieving a successful result in your search engine optimisation campaign.

What does it take to be ranked #1 in Google?
Now that we have looked at the basic fundamentals of traditional, front-line selling, lets compare this to SEO and how these same sales principles relate directly to the effort required to be ranked number 1 in your industry on the major search engines.

It's largely up to you and your entrepreneurial skills, how you best position the sale and awareness of your product/service on offer, how you choose the keywords to be optimised and the quality of the content. Ofcourse there are over 100+ major ranking factors that we leverage in order to win favour with the search engines - but it all starts with you. Once you have the vision of the end goal that's when GND Creative step in as your sales partner and focus on results driven Search Engine Optimisation for your business.

Contact GND Creative for rates on our Search Engine Optimisation packages and reap the reward of having a successful, 24/7 sales channel bringing you more leads than ever before and changing the way you do business; work smarter not harder and make your website investment work for you and bring you a solid return on investment.

The following questions outline the basic criteria for approaching an SEO campaign that will put you on your path to success in climbing the Google search results and growing your sales:

Is your website SEO friendly?
If you plan to invest in an SEO campaign with GND Creative, the first thing you need is a professionally designed and developed website that offers:
- Responsive design and device friendly user interface
- Easy to use navigation and information architecture
- Search engine friendly sitemap and page structure
- Fast loading pages, relevent content and plenty of information
- Clear path from entry point to conversion/call-to-action

What is SEO Friendly Content?
Without clear and relevant product/service related content, alot of the SEO magic we provide can only go so far - although we can get you a result using off-page (white hat only) SEO techniques, the full effort is realised when our SEO work is backed by public facing rich, relevant and original content.

Some considerations to make when creating content for your website are:
- Make sure you have plenty of web pages full of quality content
- Each page should include a minimum of 500-800 words
- Ensure moderate keyword/keyphrase density and avoid duplicate content
- Ensure writing style is natural and relevant with a focus on the topic
- Be sure not to repeat yourself and over-saturate text with keywords
- Speak on your web pages the same way you would speak in person
- Don't try to be too clever; Google is smarter than you think!

Is Honesty the Best Policy with SEO?
In the past, alot of SEO agencies in Sydney have been guilty of peppering entire articles with incoherrent paragraphs of copy loaded with related keywords, so over saturated that normal reading is as impossible as attempting to read a page of encrypted riddles! Sorry, but this approach will no longer help you, in fact approaching your website content in this fashion will almost certainly have your page rank penalised and you will go spiralling down the search engine rankings, not up.

As mentioned earlier, your content needs to be written the same way you would speak about your product or service face to face with a new prospect. It is also very important to remember this fact when considering SEO as your sales weapon of choice:

Google cares to serve the worlds most accurate, current and relevant search engine results to its users; Google is not here to please your business first - Google is here to serve loyal users of its powerful search engine and serve them the best search results on the internet in the fastest time (we are talking seconds here).

Understanding this fundamental should shed more light on how critical it is to get your website up to date and on spec to be SEO friendly. There are many ranking factors, and some which are out of your hands and alot that are in your hands, but by doing your part diligently and choosing the right SEO Agency for your business, whether you are in Sydney or abroad, this article will hopefully assist you in your journey to a successful and high ranking Search Engine Optimisation campaign.

GND Creative are your number one choice in SEO Search Engine Optimisation services, conveniently located in vibrant Surry Hills, Sydney NSW Australia. Contact us for our latest SEO package rates and terms.